Thursday, March 3, 2016

Root word Challange

Root Word~ Thermo
Hypothermia Thermos Thermometer

Izzy went into her walk in freezer after school to get pizza. When she grabbed the box, the door shut. After a half hour of being stuck int he freezer, she froze, turned into Elsa and go hypothermia. She wanted to know if she would live, but she couldn't get out of the freezer to get the thermometer. She relized she still had on her backpack with her lunch box in it. Which had her thermos from lunch, everything in it was frozen.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

H.W January 5, 2016

When i'm older I want to become a pediatric radiation nurse, become a mom, continue my dance career and travel. I have always wanted to be a nurse. And I really want to work with kids, so I decided that I want to be a pediatric nurse. I want to travel a lot when i'm older. Go to and island, or just road trip. I want to be a mom sometime in my life when i'm older.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Horror/ fantasy

Last One Standing
On one winter day about a year ago, a girl named Jade Brooks got herself into a lot of trouble and it caused her a lot. She regrets her decisions to this day and wish that she could go back in time to change them. But they were all way too serious to change or take back. She never thought that what she did would be as bad as they were. Jade’s parents were her best friends throughout her life so far, but has what she did, destroyed that?

It all started when Jade met this guy online. His name was Adam. They started talking and everyday they got closer and closer. They messaged all day and everyday. They gave each other personal information, like, Jade told him where she lived about her life and her parents and she told him a lot about what she did during the day and where she went to school. She gave him a lot of information. She felt very comfortable telling him things and talking to him. Even though they have never met.

One day when she got home from school, Jade went on her computer. When she logged on she saw that she had a message from him. It said,
Hey Jade, Maybe you would want to go out tonight? We could meet. I'll take you out to get coffee and we can just talk.

She knew that that wasn't a good idea. To go out at night, without her parents even knowing who he was, and going in his car? She didn't want to. She answered him saying,
Maybe we can go another day. Maybe during the day, when you can meet my parents first. I don't think I would be allowed.

He answered right away:
Come on, After your parents go to bed, i'll be outside, you can sneak out, we will be back in like an hour.

Jade gave in, just because she knew that if she didn't go, she would regret it for the rest of my life. She didn't think that it wouldn't be that bad, or that her parents would catch her.

By 9:30 her parents were in bed. She got lucky, they got tired early that day. When they went to bed her nerves then started to build up. She started getting scared. She went to her room, got her computer, and came back down stairs so she wouldn't wake her parents. She messaged Adam.
Hey, you can come at 10, just so I know that my parents are asleep. 119 fowler ave

It was 10:03 and she heard his car pull up. She opened the window--not the door.  She climbed out, and she ran. She opened the passenger's side door and hopped in. They started talking, the only words that happened to be said were:
“Hello” by both of them. They only said a couple words. He was wearing a black hoodie and dark jeans. He had a black hat next to him.  She wasn’t thinking too much about all the dark mysterious clothing. It was just cold. But there might have been a very compelling reason later that night.

When they were about half way there. Adam pulls out his phone and pulled up there text messages. He took a deep breath and whispered something to himself. It wasn't very clear to us about what he might have said. But it went along the lines of something like, it’s the last one, or something like that. He told her…after pulling out his phone, that they had some pretty good conversations. He he was facing her. All of a sudden, the car swerves slightly to the left, but he looked up and turned the wheel to the right so the car went straight again.
“Whoops,” he chuckled. She laughed back looking a bit frightened. He then after a couple seconds looked back at her. They go over a bump-- the car takes a sharp turn to the left and slightly off the road. She sees another car coming towards them- and the car tips. They start screaming…and silence is what it sounded like after approximately 5 seconds. The car hits the other car, the bumpers collide and the car lands on its side. Jade screeches but nothing comes from Adam. She started to call his name. But nothing responded. He was laying in the car on the ground. Jade was on the right so her side went up, not down. she tried to unbuckle her seat belt to get out but her leg hurt so bad, that there was no way for her to put any sort of pressure on it, to climb out. She waited. All she could see through the shattered windows were red and blue lights that were way too bright. You know when you stare at something and the lights get all blurry and bright. Well that's what everything looked like to her. She heard sirens. Some guys came over on  her side of the door and broke it off. They cut off her seat belt, and pulled her out, and put her right onto the stretcher and into the ambulance.

When she gets to the hospital she is waiting to get her x rays back. After she was waiting for 10 minutes, she gets her x rays back, and she realizes that she has a broken leg and a concussion. She was told that she had to be in the hospital for about 2 days until she started feeling better. After she got her x rays back, it appeared that Jade was watching the news and a crime seen came on, and she was on the news. it was said that a guy named Adam tried to murder someone in a car crash around 1030 on Friday night. Pictures popped up, she was on the news. it was then when Jade realized that Adam was a murderer, not her boyfriend.

A couple minutes later sh heard the ambulance pull up out side of the hospital. It was the same ambulance that took her there. Two people came out of it. One was a guy, and one was a girl. The emts started running them into the hospital. They got put right next to Jade. In the same room. Jade looked over and saw that they were seriously badly injured. She saw their papers lying on the table, it said that they have been in a car crash too. On the same street. She took a look over at their name tags, and that's when she realized that they were her parents.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Picture On My Wall

The Picture On My Wall
By: Rileigh Davis
Two years ago, I was sitting in the chair closest to the corner with my mom. Away from all the people in waiting room, at the doctor's office. I was waiting to go back for my chemo. And there was a girl talking to the doctor. She had a  plain purple hat  and she put a pink ribbon on it. I was guessing that she was just like me. There was finally someone who was going through what I was going through. She smiled at me and sat in the empty chair that was next to mine.
“Hey, I’m Ellie, what’s your name?” She happily asked me as if we weren't going back for chemo, and as if we were normal, and nothing was wrong with us. She was sucking on a cough drop. Her voice was kind of skratchy. How could she be that happy though? But I answered her anyway.
“I'm Paige” I answered quietly. I mean nothing was different than usual. Once a week I was here, sitting in the same chair, waiting for the same thing. Why not make a friend, who wouldn't judge me or feel weird having me as a friend.  Or getting frustrated with me because I can’t walk up and down their steps to their bedroom. Because she couldn't either.
Whats wrong with you? Why are you here? Do you have cancer too? I asked her, trying to be just as enthusiastic as she was.
She cleared her throat. “I have stage two throat cancer. Im almost done with treatments. How bout you?” I told her that I had stage four lung cancer. I wasn't going to be perfectly healthy any time soon, but I still had a while. After a half hour of other patients getting called back, and me and Ellie talking and exchanging numbers, we became good friends, and it was time for me to go back for chemo. And that's how I met my best friend.

My mom woke me up the same time as usual to start the day. I wanted to sleep just a little bit longer but If I wanted to beat my disease I needed to work, and learn. As I slowly opened my eyes I sat up and looked at my favorite picture on the wall. The one Ellie and I  picked out. It was a picture of the Eiffel Tower, the thing that motivated me every morning and where we wanted to go the most. I went down stairs to get ready to get homeschooled. I wished that I could go back to my old school, with all my friends, the one I went to before I got lung cancer. But I knew I just wasn’t ready yet. My mom helped me down the steps, when I got the the bottom I was nearly out of breath and needed to sit down. My lungs got weaker every time I took a few steps. But I wasn’t giving up.

“Paige, do you want breakfast before we start working?”
I wasn't that hungry, or maybe I was, and I was just depressed. It was a side affect from my meds.
“No, i’m fine”
My mom didn't really like that answer.
“You haven't eaten breakfast in over a week. You need to start getting up and motivated and eat something.”
I didn't answer. I got out my math stuff and started working on my work for the day.

After I finished, I went right back up stairs and texted Ellie to come over.
When she got here we were talking about how I still had my picture that we picked out on my wall. We have always wanted to go to Paris to see the Eiffel tower. It has always been our dream. To cross the bridge at night and see the golden tower. Every day I look at that tower and wish that one day I will be there.

The next day I decided I was going to eat breakfast. I took down my favorite box of cereal that was on top of the fridge.
“Oh good, you're eating today, how does it feel?” my mom cheered as she wandered down the steps. I noticed that as she got towards the bottom,  I saw a little present through the railing. It was a little, rectangular box, wrapped in wrapping paper, with a note.
“What's that mom?” I asked her.
As she answered me and estately mumbled something about  tickets, and a surprise. I didn't understand what she was talking about. She handed me the box. I was so surprised. I didn't know why she was giving me a gift, but I opened it anyways.
Dear Paige,
I know you are going through a lot and it is really difficult having lung cancer. And I know you are fighting your hardest to get through it, and it’s not always easy. So, I just wanted to give you something, that I think you will love, and motivate you a little bit more.
I took off the bow and ripped off the wrapping paper. I opened the brown box and there were three plane tickets. My face turned red, I was smiling from cheek to cheek.
“OH MY GOD! THANk YOU! I LOVE YOU” I screamed excitedly towards her. Plane tickets to Paris! I can’t wait. My mom told me that I could bring Ellie, since this was our idea, and our dream trip together. I ran over to the phone and told Ellie to come over, so that I could surprise her.

When Ellie got here, I grabbed her arm and pulled her in the door. I sprinted to the living room and grabbed the brown box of the coffee table.
“Look! Look what my mom got us!”
Ellie was so surprised she jumped up and down screaming in joy. Her eyes got watery and she hugged me tight.
“Oh my god, so when are we going?” The plan ticket said: Boarding flight 12B 10:00 am June, 30. That was in a month, after school was over, and it was summer break.

After Ellie left I went to bed. I woke up that morning at 4:00 screaming, panting, and sweating. All I could remember was me rolling around in bed yelling for my mom the loudest I could with the very little breaths that I had. My mom came running up the steps and grabs my inhaler and air tank as my dad picks me up rushing to the hospital. My mom was balling her eyes out and all I was thinking about was, what would happen next? “Would I live or die in my dad’s arms?” I thought about this the whole time my dad ran through the hospital doors. My dad ran up to the girl at the front desk,
“We need help, she can't breath!”
The lady at the front desk in the lobby paged the lady who worked at the desk on the floor with all the doctors, nurses and patients. Doctors came running down the elevator with  a gurney and 3 nurses. My dad put me on the bed and kissed my forehead. They wheeled me into the emergency room.

I didn’t remember anything after that, but I do remember waking up in the hospital and Ellie was sitting right next to me. Next thing I know it was three weeks before our trip.

Later that day, I had a doctor's appointment. I had to get X-rays on my lungs and do breathing test. After I was finished “dieing” I sat on the chair waiting for my results. I was sitting on the edge of the chair, swinging my legs, with my hands intertwined on my lap.
The doctor came back in with papers in his hands.
“Looks like the cancer has spread, your lungs did fill up with fluid and that was the cause of your attack that night. There is no way to stop this, It looks like she only has about one more year left. Keep fighting kid.” He said to me. I was devastated. I didn't know what to do or say.  Why shouldn't I just die now? Why would I want to live for a year knowing that I could die? It was going to be a long year.

I gave Ellie the three tickets. I told her that she could go and that she should be able to go to paris. I didn't want my sickness, to take away from her trip, that she has always been wanting to do. She didn't want to but I talked her into it. We made this plan that when she saw something amazing, she would skype me, so I could be there with her.

A couple days later, it was the day of Ellie's flight. She skyped me right before she got on the plane to say bye and that she wish I was going. Her mom and her were going and she brought the other ticket, to say that I was with her and that nothing would get in the way of our dream and friendship, no matter what was wrong with me.

When she arrived at her hotel in Paris she Skyped me and showed me around. I was amazed. It was beautiful. I wish I was there with her in person, but I know that this is better than nothing and it was just as good.
Ellie told me that she was going to go and eat with her mom, and that she would skype me tomorrow on her second to last day in Paris. That’s when she was going to see the Eiffel tower.

The next day,  I woke up staring at the picture on the wall,
“I wish I could see that” I quietly said to myself. But if it wasn't me, I'm glad it's Ellie who gets to have the experience. Today was the day that I get to skype Ellie and see the Eiffel tower. I was just as excited as I would be if I was there is Paris with Ellie………Almost.
I heard my phone ring later that day. I ran over to my dresser as fast as I could, already out of breath. I picked it up. It was Ellie! I answered the phone, sighed and starting talking.
“Oh my god!” Ellie was standing right in front of the tower. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I finally felt like I had the life back in me. And that I wouldn't stop fighting.

A year later Paige was laying in the hospital when she passed away at 7:28 pm. I was sitting next to her holding her hand.  Shes my best friend, and always will be. The one who fought the hardest every step of the way. I thought. Tears running down my face. That's my best friend.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Favorite part of story

Two years ago, I was sitting in the chair closest to the corner with my mom, away from all the people in waiting room at the doctor's office. I was waiting to go back for my chemo. And there was a girl talking to the doctor. She had a  plain purple hat  and she put a pink ribbon pin on it. I was guessing that she was just like me. There was finally someone who was going through what I was going through. She smiled at me and sat in the empty chair that was next to mine.

I like this part of the story because I think that it really showed both of the characters and how they meant in just a paragraph. I also liked all of the detail that is in it. I think that is also showed a lot about what was wrong with the character and what the look liked and what they were doing.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Scene and Summary
Summary-There is a part in the book Smile, where an earthquake happens, and that is a summary. It sum's up what it was like when it started happening to what it was like the next day at school.

Scene- There is a scene when Riana trips and falls and her two front teeth fall out. It is a lot of diologe which makes it a scene. Its the most important part of the book and there is a lot of detail. It starts the scene when they leave girl scouts and three of the girls race to Riana's porch, and Riana trips and knocks out her two front teeth.